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Chronicles, or SCA Event Reports

Page history last edited by Dan Towse 7 years, 11 months ago

I have found it useful to write event reports somewhat after the fashion of a medieval chronicler, as a means of practicing composition.

They are not terribly correct, and owe more to Sir Nigel than Jean Froissart, but are a useful training excercise nontheless.


Our Letters Ex-Cathedra, 2011-2012. These were tricky; Striking a balance between early modern language and comprehensibility to the modern reader, all the whiles conveying a fair bit of modern information. some were more successful than others.(And some were written in more haste than others..)

Sept. Oct. Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb.


Armand d'Alsace's vigil. June 2011


Mildenhall Tourney September 2005


A Number of Reports to Sir Bryce de Byram

Lincoln Challenge Feb 2005

Brother Logan's Challenge March 2005

Titus' Challenge May 2005




Edzell Pas June 2004


Challenge Received for DoubleWars 2016


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