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Page history last edited by Dan Towse 11 years, 8 months ago

forsooth (adv.) Also for soth (phrase), forsuth, -soith (N).


1. For a truth or fact, as a fact, truthfully; for ~ to seie, to tell the truth; wite (leve) thou ~, know (believe) thou for a fact.


2. As an intensive or mild asseveration: truly, indeed, of course, surely;-- (a) in connected discourse; (b) in answer to a question.



Forsooth is a collection of resources, links and ramblings on medieval language with a view to increasing the historic feel of the SCA.


There is a wealth of material available online; translations of medieval texts, charters, laws, records, rolls, poems, mystery plays and so forth which I use as reference material when drafting documents and composing lyrics and poetry.


I hope this will be of use to you,




Dan Towse

/Robert of Canterbury


If you find a broken link, Please tell me.



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