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How to be Robert

Page history last edited by Dan Towse 14 years, 2 months ago

Some folks have asked me how I learned to be a good Court Herald.



A better question might be, How can I become a better court Herald?


The rough notes for my Classes on both Voice Projection and Managing Court may be of use, I will expand them into something less cryptic over time. 


other than that, Herald every court you can, write Reports, draft documents, and practice.



For those who really want to know, Below is a not-too-coherent colection of bits that have led me to where I am now.



Practical training.



Age 10, Started heavy involvement in Theatre (continued for fifteen years...)


12 Joined first Choir, (Sang regularly in high quality Church and chamber choirs for seven years)


14, Started formal solo Singing tuition. Four years private study, reached Grade Eight Royals & Trinity (Merit)


18 Began involvement with Theatresports.. Improvised theatre & Comedy. Regular involvement at semi-pro level for five years.


22-25 Three years full time actor, lots of Shakespeare.



Reading Sources




Sir Nigel & The White Company, Arthur Conan Doyle


The Chronicles of Jean Froissart


other Useful Books


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