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SCA Court Documents

Page history last edited by Dan Towse 3 years, 6 months ago

Alae for Morales  July 2020


Elevation for Esbiorn  Feb 2020


Invocation for M.O.D Esbjorn in Everski  Feb 2020


Letter to 1000 Eyes ? 2018


Missive to the East  Apr 18


Regency Writ for Rogned April 2018


Dylan of Eplaheimr April 2018


Geoffrey of Eplaheimr April 2018


Letter to Leif and Morrigan Jan 2018


Martlet for Eldgrimr  Dec 2017

Writ of Hand Dec 2017 


Letters patent for Joutsenjärven Sahra July 2014


Earldom for Paul DeGorey Jan 2013


Sigilum Rex for Matthewe Baker Jan 2013


Genevieve la Flechiere's Pelican letter Patent July 2012


Thos. Flamanc's Laurel Scroll March 2012


Thomas Flamancs 1460 Oath of Fealty, march 2012


Paul de Gorey's Laurel Scroll Feb 2012


Arms for Johannes of Uffeynton Feb 2012


Letter to the Court Feb 2012


Baroness Uta's Laurel letters Patent Jan 2012


Writ of Regency Jan 2012


Albion for Duke Gerhardt  Jan 2012


Monopoly for the shire of Klakavirki  Dec 2011


Excellence & Example/Sun and Chalice Melisende Fitzwalter November 2011


Letter to the Baronial court of An Dubhaingieann October 2011


Annexation of the Body Corporeal of Brother Logan into the realm of Drachenwald. June 2011


Katheryn Hebenstreitz' Invocation Elevation and Letter Patent May 2011


Text for a Grant of the Albion for Margaret de May.


Indenture between Vitus and Katherine  Jan 2011


Coronation for Vitus & Eleanora Jan 2011


Viscounty Charter for William and √Üringunnr    Sept. 2010 


Orden des Lundqvistringes for Alex of Derlington  August 2010 


Writs of enrolment in the Hospitalers of Albion   June 2010


Sample texts for Writs of enrollment in the Insulae Draconis Companies  


Investiture of the First Prince & Princess of Insulae Draconis Feb 2010


Mary Ferch Thomas' elevation to the Pelican  Jan 2010 


Grant of the Sigilum Coronae for Thomas Flamanc  Jan 2010 


Wording for my Elevation to the Order of the Pelican Oct 2009


Wording for My Invocation to Vigil   Oct 2009


Letter conferring a Linqvistring. (Unused) August 2009 


Indenture between Vitus Polonius and Edricus. August 2009 


Sample text for the Popular company of Sojourners  June 2009


Panache Text for Katherine of Thamesreach 


Letter of Commendation to the Baron &  Baroness of Windmasters Hill, May 2009


Letter to Wat of Sarum October 2008 


Letters on behalf of H.M. Viceroy Vitus Polonius, Late Summer 2008

The King's Trebuchet

Monies for Knights Crossing

Grant of Annuity


Award of Arms for Matthew Baker Sept 2007


Acceptance of Same for Lucius Cassius Magnus July 2006


Challenge for the Couter for Alfred of Carlyle July 2006 


Charter for the Company of St James April 2006


Justice of the Peace's oath for Master Paul De Gorey Oct 2005


Letter to Sir Bryce de Byram March 2005


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