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Selected phrases

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Opening Greetings.


These are a selection of typical opening greetings from court correspondence.

The source is listed first , then the opening line.


1421: Signet of Henry V

By the king Worshipful fader in god / oure right trusty and welbeloued

-Used Numerous times when addressing Bishops


1421: Signet of Henry V

By the kyngTrusty and welbeloued:


1455: Signet

By the king Trusty and welbeloued. we greet you wel


1423-50: C81/1715/39: Letter of Richard, Duke of York, to the Chancellor

Right worshipfull and reuerent fadir yn god / and my right entierly welbelouyd cosyn I recommaund me vnto yow as hertly as I can / thankyng yow of youre goode cosynage shewyd vnto me.


After 1432: SC1/44/12: Letter of Henry Beaufort, Bishop of Winchester, to the Chancellor

Worschipful fadre in god (and Right)þrusty and Welbe loued Brothre and frend: I. grete yow Right hertely wel And sende yow herinne encloosed a bille of Thomas Gode


1435: Letter of Richard, Duke of York, possibly to John Frank, Master of Rolls

Right trusty & entierly welbeloued frende / I grete you often tymes wel / And thanke you with al myn hert of þe grete gentilesse and kyndenesse þe whiche hit hath liked vnto you / to shewe herebefore aswel vnto me / as vnto myn officers & seruantes atte reuerence of me


c1408: Letter of Thomas Fry, Clerk of the Privy Seal

Worsshupfull Sire and frend:


After 1415: Letter of William Soper, Clerk of the Exchequer, to the Chancellor

Ryght worshipfull lorde I recomaunde me to youre gude lordship as yowre seruant


After 1417: Letter of Thomas Longley , Bishop of Durham, Chancellor, possibly to Henry V.

Souereyn lord with als meke & entier hert as I kan or may I recomande me to your Roial maieste


1420: Letter, possibly of Henry Beaufort, Bishop of Winchester, to Henry V

In all wyse my souereyne lord I recomandde me to 3owr moste noble grace wyht all the lowlinesse that any subgit kan þenkke or deuise


1420: Petition of John Cappe

Ryght hye prynce and soueraigne graciouse lorde I recomaunde me to yow



Letter openings & endings,


From the Paston letters.


To the Earl of Oxford


Right wurchepfull and my right especiall lord, I recomaund me to yowre gode lordshep, besechyng youre lordshep that ye take not to displesauns thow I write you as I here say:.....


.....Right wurchepfull and my right especiall lord, I besech Allmyghty God send you asmych joy and wurchep as euer had any of my lordes yowre aunceteres, and kepe you and all yowres. Wretyn at Norwich the iiij Sonday of Lent. Yowre seruaunte to his powre, John Paston



Petition to the Chancellor


To the right reuerent fader in God, Cardynale Archebusshop of York and Chauncelere of Inglond...


...And thei shall pray to God for you.



Petition to Henry VI


To the Kyng oure Souerayn Lord, and to the right wyse and discrete lordis assemblyd in this present Parlement Besechith mekly your homble liege man John Paston that....


....And he shalle pray to God for yowe.



To Sir John Falstaff


To my Maister Fastolf at Castre in Norffolk.

 Ryght worshypfull ser and my ryght gode maister, I recommaund me to yow...


...And Ovr Lord have yow in his kepi[n]g. Wret at Doncaster þe Wednisday in Pentecost Weke. Yowres to his power, Jon Paston T. Howys



A splendid collection of Opening and closing lines from all manner of correspondence




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