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Useful Books

Page history last edited by Dan Towse 4 months ago

Some of the books I have at home and have found useful.



I have the Oxford Shakespeare Complete works, Compact edition

Editors Stanley Wells & Gary Taylor.




Medieval English Lyrics, 1200-1400

Penguin Classics

Ed. Thomas Duncan

ISBN 0-14-043443-7



Fourteenth Century Verse & Prose

Oxford University Press

Ed. Kenneth Sisam

ISBN 0-19-871093-3



The Norton Anthology of Poetry

Third Edition

ISBN 0-393 953718


There is some crossover between the three above, but I've found them all very handy.



Somewhat difficult to get hold of, but a wonderfull resource,


A Book of London English, 1384-1425

Ed. Chambers & Daunt

Oxford University Press

Pub. 1931 & 1967 


Medieval biographies, which I have found great for getting the feeling of what we ought to be trying to say and the proper manner of saying it.


an Arab-Syrian gentleman & warrior in the period of the Crusades

The Memoirs of Usamah Ibn-Munqidh

Colombia University Press

Tr. Philip Hitti

ISBN 0-231-12125-3


Unconquered Knight

-the deeds of Don Pero NiƱo, count of Buelna

Diaz de Gamez

Boydell & Brewer

Tr. Joan Evans

ISBN 1-84383-101-5


Philippe de Commynes
The Universal Spider
The Life of Louis XI of France
Tr. and Ed. by Paul Kendall
The Folio Society 1973 


Frauendienst: The Service of Ladies
Ullrich von Liechtenstein
Tr. J.W. Thomas

ISBN 1 84383 095 7


The Diary of Baron Waldstein
a traveller in Elizabethan England.
Tr. G.W.Groos
Thames & Hudson
ISBN 0 500 01254 7


Works I have read but do not own,


Sir Nigel, & The White Company

Arthur Conan Doyle

Great works, victorian, but very much after the style of,


Sir Jean Froissart

His Chronicles.

The original medieval chronicler & publicist, much translated in numerous different editions.



There is a wealth of links to primary sources, Most with a military focus, detailed here,



For Vocal Training towards being a better Herald,


Cicely Barry: Your Voice & How to Use it


Cicely Barry: Voice and the Actor


J. Clifford Turner: Voice and Speech in the Theatre


and Lastly, treat yourself. Sit down and watch Kenneth Branagh's Henry V.
It is in my opinion a masterclass in how to set tone in court.
Watch how Branagh switches from Royal Voice to private voice, likewise Monjoie, (The French Herald) and the interplay between the two. 
Essex's (Brian Blessed) audience with the king of France is wondrous.


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